Glamour Facial Treatment

Glamour Facial Treatment

Product Bundle: Collagen Blast, Eye Gel, & Retinol Eye Cream

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Our Collagen Collagen Blast might just be our best product. This amazing COLLAGEN CREAM is specially designed to revive your skin’s beautiful glow.

This aging control cream restores your skin’s suppleness and elasticity, protecting the skin and reducing lines and wrinkles and the ingredients in this amazing product contribute to significantly protect the skin from future damage from aging and exposure all while delaying natural skin aging through its regenerating and toning properties. We stand by the effectiveness of our Collagen Gel and know it will work wonders in strengthening your skin's devenses.

Many people have tried this Collagen cream and all stand by its ability to bring back their skin's natural youthful glow. Our Collagen Gel is sure to turn back the clock on your skin.

Our Retinol EYE cream is simply amazing. This anti-aging powerhouse fights the visible signs of aging while playing with the other ingredients to gently soothe and keep the skin healthy and smooth. Retinol Face Cream provides the perfect amount of moisture to tighten, tone, and revitalize the skin's outer and inner layers.

Our glowing moisturizer is easily absorbed into the skin while leaving the skin luminous & radiant all while preventing unwanted breakouts, wrinkles and age spots.

This works as the perfect Retinol Face Cream and can be added to any skin care routine. Retinol Eye Cream is a must have product for anyone chasing after that Hollywood Look.

Our wrinkle eraser works like magic! Havana glamour's beautiful golden syringe-like container contains our anti-wrinkle revolutionary formula that works astoundingly quickly & effectively, making those wrinkles instantly disappear thus making the skin tighten and even , exactly where you most want it. It is also a fantastic anti aging eye cream and is the product you must buy, if you are looking for a puffy eyes cream. Get ready to reveal your most youthful “YOU”!

Use as needed for a young-looking night out! Gently apply a very small amount on the tip of your finger or onto a q-tip and then transfer a very thin layer directly onto where you want the skin to magically tighten.

Make sure to also buy our travel size puffy eyes cream/wrinkle eraser to keep with you at all times. This product can be used as needed and it’s effects last for approximately six hours.

For a long-lasting, beautiful skin, make sure to indulge yourself to havana glamour's collection of collagen collagen, retinol, vitamin-c and our awesome eye gel infused with vitamin specs. We have the anti aging eye creams you need for beautiful youthful skin.

Collagen Collagen Blast

Say Goodbye to Fine Lines, Loose Skin, and Dryness

A soothing, lightweight cream that penetrates the skin to deliver nourishing collagen to the dermis.

★★★★★ (52)

Retinol Eye Cream

Advanced Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Nightly eye treatment to smooth unwanted lines and wrinkles so you can wake up to smoother, firmer skin.

★★★★★ (17)

Eye Gel Hydration

Daily Eye Brightening Routine

Illuminate your eyes with dark-circle reducing, age-defying results, formulated with powerful Vitamin C.

★★★★★ (24)