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Puffy Eye Wrinkle Eraser Travel Sized

Instant Eraser Treatment

Size 0.17oz / 5mL Item 123456

★★★★★ 6 reviews



Our wrinkle eraser works like magic! Havana glamour's beautiful golden syringe-like container contains our anti-wrinkle revolutionary formula that works astoundingly quickly & effectively, making those wrinkles instantly disappear thus making the skin tighten and even , exactly where you most want it. It is also a fantastic anti aging eye cream and is the product you must buy, if you are looking for a puffy eyes cream. Get ready to reveal your most youthful “YOU”!

Use as needed for a young-looking night out! Gently apply a very small amount on the tip of your finger or onto a q-tip and then transfer a very thin layer directly onto where you want the skin to magically tighten.

Make sure to also buy our travel size puffy eyes cream/wrinkle eraser to keep with you at all times. This product can be used as needed and it’s effects last for approximately six hours.

For a long-lasting, beautiful skin, make sure to indulge yourself to havana glamour's collection of collagen collagen, retinol, vitamin-c and our awesome eye gel infused with vitamin specs. We have the anti aging eye creams you need for beautiful youthful skin.




Known for its unique ability to attract and retain moisture for an extra long lasting hydration. Promotes skin fullness, smoothness, softens wrinkles and expression lines.


Purifying and enriching skin treatment; heals, detoxifies and nourishes skin while gently toning and firming at the same time.


Açai berry has vitamins A, C and E, which aids in skin regeneration while returning a youthful look and promotes elasticity.