Our Story

Havana Glamour is a versatile brand for skin-care products, capable of evolving into a provider of anything you care to sell such as cosmetics, clothing, sunglasses, and hair products to name a few. The brand fits into a trending niche of products that Millenials-- and even Generation X-- are craving around the world, particularly the US, Europe and Latin America.

Our company tells a great story of clean, organic, natural ingredients that people are becoming more and more likely to buy over the fillers and harsh chemicals of big name brands.

Our inspiration for the brand name originates from the golden era of '40s and '50s Hollywood success: the stars, intellectuals, artists, and socialites. It speaks of the time when they would gather and reminisce on romance, dance and the celebration of life on the shores of Havana, Cuba.

Our brand does not represent a place, rather it captures the energy of the greatness of Havana, frozen in time. At Havana Glamour, we offer a line of products that tell the story of high life in Havana.